Car upholstery


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austin atlantic car restorationAustin Atlantic car. Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery.
leather car seat before conservation and restorationOne of the damaged seats before restoration.
leather car seat after conservation and restorationDamaged seat after restoration.  The leather was sensitive to water so the adhesive was applied to the repair leather, allowed to dry, placed behind the damaged leather, and then reactivated with solvent to form a bond. The missing colour was reinstated.
Cars which have had their upholstery restored include:  1914 Humber TT, 1922 Humber, 1935 Bentley, Panhard, Austin 7, Lanchester, Star Benz dog cart, BSA open tourer, and a Sizaire Berwick.  Related items include: Tram seats, sedan chairs, Brough m/c seat, hobby horse bicycle, and carriages.

gilt leather  furniture  jacket  cars  various    Designer leather chairs

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